About Torture EP

Following up from his debut release, ‘Kronus’, Marcioz returns to Provoke with a 5 track EP entitled ‘Torture’. Featuring a combination of Electro House aggression through to Dubstep epilepsy; Marcioz is marking his territory as having no restraint.

Blood & Knives (Original Mix)

Ranging from breaks filled with detuned Trance plucks layered with organ chord arrangements, through to what can only be described as ‘noisy’ bass, Marcioz utilizes his ability to create harmony prior to unleashing growling bassline configurations that really can only be used for one purpose; ruckus.

Houldine (Original Mix)

With a name like ‘Houldine’, you could assume that Marcioz is literally trying to trick people (with the samples ‘relax you body’ and ‘relax your soul’) into believing that the upcoming drop is going to be something you could listen to at a picnic. It isn’t. It’s the opposite. Sure, there are a few bars of bright piano in the break that might make you relax for a brief moment, but that’s about it. The rest of the track is probably going to make you riot against the new world order.

Welcome Home (Original Mix)

Taking a darker turn, ‘Welcome Home’ is a lesson in transcendence. From organ chords you’d expect to find in a cell at Guantanamo Bay, through to euphoric bit-crushed pianos and angelic leads, through to ever changing face slaps from an array of bass line arrangements, the evolution of ‘Welcome Home’ pinpoints Marcioz’s strengths and showcases his ability to make filthy bass musical.

My Name Is Marcioz (Original Mix)

Sneaking in with a Morse code inspired synth intro, ‘My Name Is Marcioz’ barely requires a build up. Industrial set talking bass lines wobble through, accompanied by screeching highs. Haunting pianos serenade throughout the main break, while it is quite evident from the dark, evil, mood of the break that something violent is about to happen. Again.

Scar Memory (Original Mix)

Without breaking formation, ‘Scar Memory’ follows lead with breakdowns filled with uplifting chord progressions and resonating bells, while both drops feature floor shaking bass lines filled with wobbled out edits and chops. It’s heavy.

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