About Brainbow

Hailing from Valence, Damian William’s having one of those years that most artists fall apart over from the pressure. Gaining support from a slew of heavy weight DJs, having an almost permanent fixture on the global radio waves, and signing across the spectrum of influential tastemaker labels, Damian’s at that critical juncture of breaking. In slew of being part of this moment, Provoke proudly presents ‘Brainbow’.

Brainbow (Original Mix)

Leading in with pulsating pads and bent-out synths, a toy piano builds out the break in trance inspired chords flowing with cheerful vocal chops. The build rises with falling and rising synth work, straight through to a drop filled with metallic percussion and distorted kicks that create a chugging flow that makes militant marching across the dance floor seem reasonable. Harmonics enter the mix throughout break 2, adding more emotion towards the final drop, where dubstep ranged bass synths enter the equation for added bonus. This one is both bright and smart; maybe that’s why Damian coined it Brainbow?

Carpicana (Original Mix)

If we sat you down and said ‘look, we’re going to take tropical calypso drums and throw in some brief orchestral percussion elements’, you might think we were a bit off. But, it’s by done by Damian. And it works. Caprciana builds through use of a variety of drum and percussion programming, leaving the dirt for the drop, where saw synths move at rapid pace through glitched-out editing effects, ranging in speed from drop to drop. Someone is going to spill their Pina Colada.

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