Chris Lake, TJR, & Northend
Wednesday October 3rd, 2012
10:00pm - 4:00am @ Guelph Concert Theatre


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10:00pm - 4:00am

Guelph Concert Theatre, 166 Wyndham Street North, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1H 4E8


Rising Music Label Night




Chris Lake
Rising Music | Ultra | UK


For the past five years, Chris Lake has been living the dream. As a DJ he’s travelled the globe. As a producer, he’s topped industry charts over and over again. As a lover of music, he continues to chase down the freshest beats around. Simply put, he’s become one of the great DJ/ Producers of the modern world.


In 2009 Chris turned to the Americas with the intention of winning over two of ‘the’ musically cultured continents. Two Billboard Dance chart airplay number 1’s and multiple tours, have ensured that from Vancouver to Rio, NYC to Miami… the sound of Chris Lake has travelled far and wide, and is now embraced with loving arms, no matter what the city.


The question is, what is the sound of Chris Lake? Yes, he is known for his musical crossovers, and based on the success of ‘Changes’, ‘La Tromba’, ‘Only One’ and ‘If You Knew’, why not? The latter, taking the number one spot in the Music Week, Buzz and Cool Cuts charts, while the accompanying music video was praised by MTV and broke into its Top 5 weekly chart.


As a DJ his vibe is very different, always enjoying the darker and deeper side of electronic music, yet still fusing in cheeky edits and homemade tracks, just so the dance floor knows it’s the Chris Lake experience and one to be savored.


2010 kicked off with a Michael Woods remix of his collaboration with good friend Deadmau5 ‘I Said’ taking Pete Tong’s first ‘Essential New Tune of the decade.’ That was to be just the beginning… further works with Michael Woods on Dominos and another BBC Radio 1 hit, this time with Nelski on Minimal Life – all peaking with his Lake & Lys album ‘Cross the Line’, launched mid way through his residency at Cream Ibiza with Deadmau5 and Friends. The year ended in fine style, Chris and Marco, once again ripping up a re-edit, this time Nightrider’s ‘Hey’ got the treatment – another Buzz Chart No.1 for the guys.


The year to come promises a massive America tour, an excited move to LA and much much more music!


Chris Lake is….? The word ‘accomplished’ springs to mind. Now it’s up to us to sit back and enjoy the pleasure of watching as his attitude towards music matures and develops… who knows what’s yet to come…


Rising Music | USA

“I’m not a glitch in the matrix, but when people see me they should know I’m not a guy who’s a follower and I’m not afraid to be different. When I moved out to L.A. from the East Coast to pursue my music, I didn’t chase what other people were doing; I did my own thing. I started making bootlegs and sampling everything and I stopped caring about what people thought about my music. I just came up with my own brand of quirky, bouncy house that blurred the lines between house, techno and electro. Then people like Fatboy Slim and Chuckie started playing my records like ‘Booty Move’ and my remixes of Tupac’s ‘California Love’ and Surecut Kids’ ‘Drunk In This’, and things snowballed from there. Whenever people ask me about my style, I just tell people I’m a product of the 90s because we grew up on all this different shit being thrown at us. I’d be listening to the Beastie Boys, The Doors, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Fiona Apple, Bob Marley. I was all over the place, but it didn’t matter back then. The music I was into was honest; it had substance. That’s the most important thing to me, and that’s what I try to create with my music. A lot of my production is very diverse, at one end I have people like Claude Vonstroke and Umek supporting me, and at the other end I have people like Knife Party. ‘Funky Vodka’ is probably the track I’m most proud of; it was pretty cool to see an old school sample-based house tune make it to the overall No.1 spot on Beatport. Producing fulfills my creative side, but DJing is my release. I’m almost snapping crossfaders off mixers because I’m so amped up; I just want to get up there and destroy everything. I want people to come away from my sets thinking that TJR brought something that we’re not used to seeing anymore. Too many DJs and performers nowadays just stand up there and stare into their laptops like a deer in headlights. For me, there still needs to be a stage performance; you still need showmanship. I grew up listening to mixtapes from Chicago house DJs like Badboy Bill and Terry Mullan, these guys brought hip hop turntable techniques to house music and made it acceptable. I do a lot of scratching, I throw a lot of samples in and work the faders. I want people to see there’s actually something going on behind the decks. For me, that always creates the best vibe and the most energy. I want people to let loose. I want them to let out their inner freak. Be as weird as you want—I’m going to be weirder than anyone up on stage.”


Provoke | Canada


Opening Set: Christina Cruise

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