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Daniel Wagner Cash aka Northend was born into music. His cousins are musicians. His uncles are musicians. His mother isn’t a musician; but she may as well be. His father, Peter Cash, rhythm guitarist, singer, and songwriter for Juno Award winning band, Skydiggers; is a musician. His Grandmother, who attempted to teach him piano, is a musician. It is in his tree.

Spending a majority of his life surrounded by bands and instruments, Northend was basically waiting for his turn to take the reigns. At 17, a friend introduced him to Electronic Dance Music through tracks like “In My Memory” and “Adagio For Strings” by Tiesto. This introduction was a catalyst for Northend. He had discovered a way to express his love for music in a whole new spectrum; it was unfamiliar territory.

At 21, Northend moved from Toronto, Canada, to London, UK, in an effort to immerse himself in the rich culture of electronic music that the city had to offer. Spending a year in a small room equipped with a laptop and headphones, he began perfecting his sound of melodic builds and partnering them with massive drops. That simple. That effective.

After showcasing “Keep It Down” and “October” on Soundcloud, Northend did what all aspiring producers do; started sending his friends his music. A short time later, he was signed with Provoke from Toronto, Canada. Northend is currently in the midst of preparing to release his first 3 singles, and has tour dates in North America with the likes of Chris Lake, Michael Woods, and Autoerotique.


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