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LUSH describes his sound as Jungle Music at 130, 140 and 175 bpm. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but with Lush the single most dominant trend over his 19 years of DJing has always been unbridled passion for the music that he plays.

Widely known and respected as a pioneering Jungle/DnB DJ in Canada, the DJ’s DJ as he has been frequently called by his peers has been a “student” of the art of DJing and a follower of the Hardcore Continuum from Hardcore thru to Jungle, into Drum & Bass; and forward onto the current genre less mutations and hybrids of Bass music. Whatever style Lush chooses to play, the underlying theme is always music with feeling and soul, with a heavy Junglist leaning and room shattering bass. He approaches it all with the same enthusiasm and razor sharp precision.

A true champion of the underground, Lush has always been respected as a DJ who takes risks breaking new music and setting musical trends, but yet somehow putting it together in such a way as to always have the viewpoint of the dance floor on his side throughout. His super technical rolling mixing style has been his trademark though out his career, winning over crowds and other DJ’s alike with his high energy puzzle piece mixing. Lush’s connection with the people on the dance floor comes from his years of being in raves himself, always out in the crowd taking in all the of the sights, sounds and energy of the music and scene that he loves.

Lush’s history is unquestionable, as Catchin Wreck, his much loved DJ/MC and production partnership with L Natural the two played all over the world and released music on some of DnB’s most respected labels. As a resident DJ for most of the biggest promoters to ever throw parties on this side of the world during the 90’s: Syrous, Lifeforce, Renegades, Destiny, Empire, Theory, Junglist Movement, Vinyl Syndicate. A who’s who of scene builders in Toronto who have all trusted Lush to play the right music at the right time to the thousands of people who would frequent their events.

In 2012 Lush is just as relevant to and passionate about his music and DJing as ever. He continues to be a fixture behind the decks for big main room Drum n Bass promoters like Destiny and Toronto Jungle as well as underground heads events like AUX and On Point, tailoring his style to fit whatever crowd is in front of him. He continues to press forward pushing his love of other tempos of Bass music through his role as a co founder for widely successful podcast station Channel One and his new All Things Bass label and brand Inner City Dance in partnership with Toronto icon Marcus Visionary.

The DJ’s DJ shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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