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Bob sinclar re imagines Disco in House version with his single “Far l’amore” from the famous pop icon Raffaella Carrà.

After the release of his latest album “Made in Jamaica”, once again Bob Sinclar surprises with the single “Far l’amore” in collaboration with the italian singer.

Movie actress in her early years, then great icon of the 70’s pop culture in Italy, Raffaella Carrà marked all generations through several hits which made her fame both in Italia and all over hispanic countries. Even today, there is no party in Italia where her single “Tanti auguri” is not played and sung by everybody.

Then it was quite naturally that the idea of collaboration with the italian idole Raffaella Carrà on her legendary hit “A far l’amore comincia tu” (Since you love them, then let them know about it) came to Bob Sinclar, hopelessly nostalgic of Disco, and DJ star. Once again, the mythic Bob Sinclar hits hard through a mix of sounds and times for a definitely house-oriented music.

An italian colored hit which will seduce worldwide dancefloors’ lovers.

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